WPC: New

It’s a new day every day!

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Maybe this is a poem?  This ahem poem is about my 💗 love 💗 of a page to journal upon.  Lately, I’m feeling that I’m journaling less often so my New Year goal is to pick up my journal more often than less 😄

Sometimes you just need a new blank space – a white open notebook space -to get all thoughts out. Letting everything out. Free-flowing lava thoughts.

This new page is a wide open space to fill with: scribbles, randomness, future plans, past regrets, what’s next, frustrations…

Why? To help figure things out…sort it out in a tangible way…
What path to take?  Sort out all feelings including what hurts….or to just make a mark.

Better yet to be heard.

Let’s make today matter to someone!  It’s a new day so smile 😊


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