No picture walk

Today, I walked to walk. Taking the dog along. Enjoying the cold air breathing in — breathing out — just walking to walk.

Surprisingly, we ended up in a good run for a while! This felt so good because for SO long running was not an option for me.

No pictures were snapped today on my walk. Shocking I know!!! It was a little hard, but also so refreshing to just walk to walk.

After a good cardio workout I feel so ready for anything and hungry! πŸ™‚ Today’s lunch: an avocado veggie cheese burger on a wheat bun with carrot sticks. It tasted so divine!!!

While eating I kept saying “Mmm” and “Yum” quite a bit. Cal, my puppy, was looking at me like – What?

Does food taste better to you after cardio exercise?

This morning with help from my yoga teacher I set my intentions to breathe in courage and breathe out fear. I believe setting my intentions for the day helped me have the courage to run again πŸ™‚ My puppy hadn’t had a good lengthy walk due quite a few back to back rainy days…. I’m sure his whining and puppy eyes helped me get outside today too.

What gives you courage?


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