Little Creatures Challenge

What sort of bugs do you come across?  Challenge:  find a little creature and take a snap 😃

Many times on my walks I come across a bug or two 😄  If a bug or insect has cuteness appeal then I take a snap.  Click, click, click….Here are the ones who made the cut and are nominated for 🐜🐌🐞🐛.   Lisa’s Souper Bug Award:



This bug or spider…I’m not sure what to call it.  Spider I’m going with spider.  I love his buggy black eyes and striped antennas.  He also selected a nice 🌾floral 🌾setting for his photo op.  Nice background long legs.



🐜 This ant looks so huge to me.  He’s busy all right.  Those legs are up to something!  Similar lily like our long legged friend 😃



This bee picture is one of my best photos with a bee.

🐝  I’m loving the soft edges on the bottom left and the road makes such a wonderful gray background.  This macro photo was cropped in to follow the rule of thirds.

🌺 I love looking closer at an everyday object – like this flower – and allowing it to captivate me with its rich details.



The 🍃green leaves🍃 are such a georgeous compliment to this red bug.  As she 🐞 ascends the plant the leaves fan her.  Such nice texture to these leaves too.

The last two are not bugs BUT souper interesting.  Don’t you think?


This blue-tailed lizard took me by surprise!  I was relaxing to get some sun when he scurried past.  I sat still, very still and he peeked out and stayed for a few minutes 😆  It was so exciting to capture this colorful amphibian!


Sometimes I see a 🐢 turtle crossing, but this one was making quite a bit of noise on the side of the road.  Looking to further investigate and then creeping slowly to not spook him 🙊.  This photo was snapped right when he noticed me.  I love how his claw is out to the side.  A few minutes later he was under his shell.  Safe within himself 😊

I ❤️💚💜💙💛❤️ all these little critters and thrilled that I had a moment to capture them all with one of my snaps.  Do you have an awesome or unusual pic of a little insect or animal?  I would love to see it!  

Link to my post, please if interested in this challenge.

Nature does not hurry but everything is accomplished. ~ Lao Tzu


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