Weekly Photo Challenge:  Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds is a go to photo technique for me 😀 This last week we had an icy day and then this week 6 inches of snow!!!  Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…

In case you didn’t know ❄️ Snow ❄️ in these parts will always be surprising.  It’s funny how we all turn into local meteorologists out measuring the snow with yardsticks wherever the snow is piled the tallest and taking photos of our snowy yards before it all melts by noon.

However, I do admit it was tough at times having our boys 7 and 12 homebound for a couple days and a half…they tend to bicker.  Shocking I know! 😱 That sibling rivalry… The best part about snow days:

  • snowball fights – something so FUN about flinging snow at each other!  Squealing with delight for victory or shrieking from the coldest snow that just met your face or slid down your coat
  • snowmen – sometimes leafy around here, but so cute.
  • snow angels that showed through to the grass.  My son got mud on his boots.

I very much enjoyed the change in scenery for snapping a few pics!  Snow and Icey pics are the coolest!!!  Decided to go black and white for this challenge.  Enjoy!

Icey Handle Taking super, macro shots of ice is always interesting.  These icicles were hanging from a wheelbarrow handle.  I love to see the different patterns on the ice.  They look sort of like etchings.  Captured a little bokeh in this pic 😉 On the left side. Bokeh is a new word for me.  

A trick in photography where one part of the photo is in focus and the rest isn’t, so attention is drawn to the subject. That out-of-focus area is called bokeh. – urbandictionary.com

Icy berry branch in this macro shot gave the background a shadowy appearance, almost ghostly.  

Ice coated branch!  Not macro, but so intriguing.



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