Day 23:  My Round Up

Blogging Task:  create a roundup post – A collection of things or blogs you love.  Where is my lasso? Here I go…

round·up – a systematic gathering together of people or things; a summary of facts or event; Informal recap

I found this great link for a superb blogging roundup.

So, I found this awesome book at a thrift store, Photojojo! Insanely great photo project ideas and DIY.  After purusing the entire book I decided to start with the DIY altoids tin box idea.  For more photo project ideas, iphone assecories, or awesome inspiration!  Check out photojojo’s store and blog😁

DIY tiny photo album:  

After much thought about what pics to use for this project… I printed my puppy pics!  Hopefully, to show how he grew this year.  At the end of April he will be twelve-months.  This is a fun way to celebrate his 1st year with us!

  1. Select photos, print, and cut into 2″ x 3″ in size (wallet).  I’m sure I did this the hard way since I printed 4″ x 6″ photos and then cut them down… Easier would be to print 2″ x 3″ 😳 I had trouble figuring out how to print this small locally (Walgreens and CVS..).
Puppy pics

2.  Get them in your desired order, then your ready to make the accordion style background.  Measure out a 10″ x 3 1/2″ rectangle onto any color or patterned paper desired, next divide into 2″ wide sections.

3.  Fold along the 2″ lines marked back and forth opposite ways to make a paper accordion.  Glue photos 5 on each side.  I had extra pics so I glued one on the inside cover too!

Folded up in the tin! Nice compact album.

2nd idea from Photojojo:

Tossing and Twirling camera snaps!

YES, I just said toss! This was something fun to do with my almost useless Kodak snap and shoot camera… I used the cams 2 second timer and camera strap to do the following:

Toss the camera into the air for the shutter release and hopefully catch it after…😮


Reached the sky with this toss!  (Only dropped my cam once)

  • Swing around on my wrist.  Letting go of control is a must for this type of pic. I like these pics the best 😎


Swirly and mysterious trees 💫

  • Swinging over my head who knew what was going to happen up there…

Can you see my smile in this twirly pic?

Lastly, an iPhone photography lens review:

Trying out my new ZTYLUS revolver lens on my iPhone 6.  This lens attachment has extreme fisheye, circular polarizer, and wide angle lens.  In order to attach you need the Ztylus iPhone case.

I played with the fisheye the most and the pics look more professional vs fisheye apps.  Downside, the bulkiness and how it attaches is not wonderfully desirable….yet cool to have additional options for my iPhone (fun Christmas gift).  Also nice to have 3 lenses at once.  The smaller options are one at a time.

I do want to try the macro lens since I take more macro pics than anything else.  I’m not 100% sure when to use a wide angle lens so I’ll figure that out after a little research.  Do you use a wide angle lense?  If so what sort of settings?


Since I’ve started my blog I am reading quite a few books by other bloggers my blog is about pholography, staying positive, hope and healing.  How to put all that into a book?  Hopefully someday I’ll figure that out.  😆


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