WPC: Orange you Glad!

Segments of orange that I found….

A glipse of the trail

For this challenge I went on a three mile walk/hike and took pics of the Orange I found 😊  It was a wonderfully warm weekend and so many people were out to enjoy it!

red-orange dirt

This sort of dirt is all over much of the south…VERY hard to clean off floors so just don’t track it in my house, ok?  This dirt stays outside!  Much prettier in the outside 😮

orange leaves

❤️ Love these trees with their orangy colored leaves ❤️ Orange is a fav color of mine, right up there with turquoise.

Lastly, I spied this girl in an Orange hammock!  Looks so relaxing.  It’s so important to have an outdoor space to relax in.  My spot is outside in the sun sitting in my padded lawn chair.  This is where I’m sitting at the moment with my dog and youngest son 😍

chill spot

Where is your chill spot?  What outdoor activity is the most relaxing to you?


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