I love how this local restaurant created such a nice mural on their wall!  The red grate on the front of the train is also the pizza oven!  Utilitarian and picturesque at the same time.  ❤️

This is next to our walking/bike trail  it’s so nice to walk past it, appreciating the art.

Quotes about walls.  Wow, I just read about 15 of them on Goodreads and so many of them look at walls in a negative light.  Such as knocking down walls…even this quote (that I like) talks about walls building around us or a feeling of being closed in.

I told him I had once lost everything I had, too, and that I think that can be God’s way of building walls around us to force us to look up at Him.
Kimberly NovoselLoved

My picture of this wall reminds me of new opportunities!  A wall can be a building block to someone’s next best thing.  Whether it’s a new business for a small community to enjoy or a new home for family to cherish their loved ones within.  See walls don’t always have to be smashed 😦


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