Day 1: unlock my mind

Unlock my MIND?!? Now that’s a tough request…

So many, many times my mind is divided, undecided or just TMI. Do this or do that – what’s more important? Give a lot or little? Run here or there? My list to do for the day is running amuck in my mind round, round it goes dizzying me like I’m on a merry go round. This list to do sometimes races faster and faster until I’m left feeling overwhelmed and anxious…

This list ALWAYS grows! Mrs. overachiever that I am.  Although, I do cherish my solitude and relaxation and do my best to make tine for that too.  My things to do always beckon me back – Lisa. Lisa, Lisa pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!  You must do this and now don’t forget to do that. The longer I wait the louder and angrier they become.  Growling and snarling now you know Lisa the entire world will fall off it’s axis if THIS isn’t accomplished right now!  My insides feel the heavy weight of guilt sinking low within…for all the to do’s that will have to learn patience. On a tough day I feel like my efforts are not “enough”.

Enough is ENOUGH!!! Do what you can do, push some but, not too much. All will be well. All is well, Lisa.

* Joining many other bloggers this April for this Blogging University writing challenge!


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