Day 3: committing to a writing practice

Three most important songs in my life and what do they mean to me?

Selecting only a few songs is hard for me I guess that’s why we call these writing challenges… How can I pick only three?  I love so many!

So many songs speak to me and it’s hard to decide which ones to share.  First my mind was a total blank.  I’m not the sort of person who memorizes song names or makes playlists (I only have one) and I often forget who sings what song. 😀

Glancing through my selection on my phone and then Pandora, I found three.  I listen to songs to encourage,  to soothe, to inspire.  Enjoy!

  1. “Hallelujah” by Canadian Tenors – this one has a very soothing ballad.  Even on a hard day, I can still sing this song and it lifts me up.  Hallelujah!!!  I particularly like the word hallelujah.  I think I love it because the word sounds so joyful yet stronger.  For me, when I sing this song I’m praising the God who created me.  I also love that it’s available from many different artists.  After looking at a few uTube videos of this song I decided to share this young artist’s version.  Beautiful voice and a video that will touch your heart.

    2.  “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave – this last year I’ve been figuring out how to manage my new medical diagnosis’ (bipolar and anxiety disorders).  This song reminds me how God already knew my path and He’s here with me now.  It also reminds me of the cross and how Jesus is the catalyst who paid the way and he redeemed me!  Like the song says, “I can shake off these heavy chains because I’m redeemed.  Thank you God, redeemed.”  This song has a soft, soothing ballad as well.

      3. “Take Flight” by Lindsay Stirling – her instrumental music is peppy and it’s perfect for when I want to dance in the kitchen while doing dishes.  Her violin is the most rockin one I’ve heard!  This song motivates me 😊  just watched this video and Wow!  So creative and full of meaningful emotions.

Songs tell a story and I think we drawn to the ones that tell part of our own personal story.

We hear in these songs our feelings, emotions, our hopes and dreams.

Singing along to songs calms my nerves.  Singing out loud allows us to get our emotions out!  So belt out your favorite song today at the top of your lungs!!!  We all need that release.  It is medicine for our brains and exercise for our bodies if we get dancing.

At night I listen to peaceful instrumental music to help lull me to sleep.  “Porcelain” by Helen Jane Long is a good one.  Oops looks like I shared a #4, but you can look her song up yourself.  😮


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