Day 4:  Lost in a book

I’ve always been able to get lost in a good book.  At a young age, starting around 10, I would  sit on the couch totally engrossed in a book and ignore the drama from all five of my sisters who were loudly doing whatever they were doing….

I was the quiet bookish child.  And sometimes I needed to get away (even though I was excellent at ignoring them).  I would find a tree in the woods to sit under or a nice flat rock would do as well.  I brought candy with me to get my sugar fix while reading.

I’m sure I needed that solitude in the woods away from all the noise of a large household of girls!  Being of a quiet disposition makes it easier to appreciate quiet.  I still recall a series of Christian historical fiction novels that I enjoyed back then by Francine Rivers.  The 1st book is called, A Voice in the Wind.

Recently, I’ve been getting lost in the Sookie Stackhouse vampire romance  series.  I just finished the third book.  I found them at a discount store; so I was missing the first book….now I’m going to go back and read the first book.

I know these books of been around for a while with the true blood series on HBO inspired by these books and I’m not even sure if they are still on the air or not…I don’t have cable just Netflix at my house.  Ok, so just looked that up.  Wow!  6 seasons and ended last year.

I like reading the series better than watching it.  Reading engages our minds.  It’s a type of medicine too.  TV not so much…. It is so easy to get into the habit of being glued to TV (bing watch anyone).  I’m currently watching The Vampire Diaries.  Yes, I just admitted that…another guilty pleasure 😮 And I actually do read and watch non-vampire themes too.

I get lost in these quick read books almost every afternoon for at least 30 minutes.  On the rainy days sitting on the couch or outside in the patio chair when it’s sunny.  Absorbing some vitamin D that I need so much!

This series is definitely your vanilla flavored beach read sort of book.  Sinfully addicting and truly a set of fun-filled supernatural books worth a quick read!

What book(s) or shows are you lost in this week?

Well, I’m off to read!  I have 12 books I’m eager to get to. 😃


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