Day 6:  A Character Study

Write about an interesting person I’ve met this year who has recently entered my life.

My interesting person entered my life at Hub fitness in Pilates class.  I recall her excited introduction after class, “Hi my name is Rebecca!” “I’m Lisa”, I said in return.  Chatting each time we took Pilates together.  We learned more about each other.  After a few classes I invited her to walk with me.  Now when our schedules permit we walk on Wednesdays.  😃

Her hair light brown and wispy.  Her body tall, thin and so delicate.  It’s no surprise that her slight fingers pluck away at a harp.  Even her voice is light and airy almost a whisper when she speaks.  When we walk together she sort of floats along the path sashaying side to side.  Her voice singing small tidbits about her life.

Last week she excitedly showed me her babies first ultrasound picture, “See the baby is waving!”  Today she’s very glad her morning sickness is over!   Yeah!!!

Surprisingly, Rebecca plays the organ as well.  I think organist are fewer and far between these days, more and more anyway.  Many churches replace the organ with piano or keyboard.  She plays for one of the remaining churches that still has an organ.  She’s so dainty it’s easier to imagine her playing the harp versus an organ.

She is newly married, young and carefree with an aura of cuteness about her.  She’s probably 10 years younger than me.  I’m looking forward to our friendship growing and meeting  her husband and adorable baby.  Our friendship is blossoming and that’s exciting!  Hopefully, it will bloom too.  I love interesting friends!

*This assignment was the toughest for me yet…how did I do?  Can you see Rebekah or is something missing?


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