Day 8: Death to Adverb

Go to a café or place and write about something I see that inspires me minus adverb usage.

I went to a used bookstore and yet another book by a fellow blogger caught my eye.  Regretsy the cover made me smile right away and the first few pages I laughed out loud (can we use these words in writing anymore?  Or is it forevermore-LOL).  I knew for $3.95 it was a keeper.  😀

I gather inspiration from others’ successes.  I’m also learning a thing or two from their process and experiences.  Getting absorbed by this book, I’m almost wanting to be featured by

Go ahead.  I give complete permission to laugh at my art or jewelry and then someone will think it’s quaint or odd enough to yeah, purchase it.  I’ve thought about opening an Etsy store, but I have not gotten past the nameing…I know I should just do it already!

I even own a savorski crystal bedazzler that I can’t seem to figure out what to do with.  Any suggestions?   Watch out regretsy!  I might be inspired to create some craptacular bedazzled art.  What do you bedazzle?  Handbags?

Since I’m talking about this book, I wanted to share a link to her blog.  I’m disappointed that I found out, she is no longer blogging and shut it down early 2013.  Info here and I did find a few pics with comments, here.  My favorite is the mason jar full of gum balls with a doll head covered in gumball “hair”.  😛

I’m glad I have the book to laugh at.  A nice reminder of what used to be online.  It’s kind of sad she didn’t just slow down a bit.  A blog should be fun.  A place to express your creative self.  Sounds like her hobby became a chore to be loathed…that is Kind of sad 😂


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