Share something about my favorite childhood meal.

When I was a teeny tiny little girl – For a yummy snack.  I loved a good mayonnaise and cheese sandwich on white bread.  This was something I could fix for myself and enjoyed quite a bit!  Now not so much…seems kind of icky to me now.

My next favorite childhood meal was lunch with my best friend Janelle.  Being from a large family I truly enjoyed my excursions to visit my friends.  It was a treat to have a special hang out time and then lunch together.   

I distinctly recall eating this special lunch which consisted of tuna fish on bread and then sometimes we would be silly and put our Ruffle Potato-chip’s inside to make a crunchy sound.  

Before lunch we would hang out in her room to listen to music, ride bikes, or throw softballs back-and-forth.  I’m not sure who’s idea it was to make crunchy sandwiches, but I liked it and still do this occasionally.  

We would chitchat at lunch and of course…giggling like crazy all the time! She is still my best friend and I wish we lived close enough to continue this lunchtime tradition.


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