Just Roll with It!

Walking my dog this morning and he just decides to ker-plunk all of a sudden to roll around on the dewy grass πŸ˜ƒ   His happiness is so evident when grass rolling.  What activity makes you this giddy?

 Twitching this way and that way to get a good back scratch!  Bonus that the grass is wet to help with the heat 😁    

   Seeing him rolling all about gets me thinking about the change from school schedules to summer schedules…and how I need to decide to just roll with it!  

It’s hard transitioning!  I’m sure other Mom’s understand what I’m getting at.  

I need to get my home summer schedule started for my 2 boys or they tend to argue loudly back and forth….while I silently scream inside or not.  Did I say that out loud?  

Summer schedule ideas:

  • Chore charts 
  • Have a time for writing (I have this book called gearing up for 2nd grade)
  • Reading Time
  • Schedule their activities (library, zoo)

Happy Summer Mom’s!  Just roll with it!!!