Day 11: Childhood home

Where did you live when you were 12?  Who did you live with? Write with a combination of sentence lengths (short, medium, long).  Create a sound that pleases the readers ears.  Don’t just write words.  Write music.

My dwelling place at 12. This was a hard year.  We moved…so let’s start where from!  It’s COLD.  No, not just brrr cold, but mountains  of snow cold!  

My dad built us a beautiful house on the highest point of our property in Livermore Falls, Maine.  The front door was painted bright red, my mom’s favorite color!  I lived here with my 4 sisters, one older and 3 younger than me.  Pretty sure my oldest sister had already moved to Pensacola, Florida to start her newly wedded life with her husband. 

A rock wall formed around the edge of our property with black raspberry vines (my fav fruit) and red raspberry vines curving their thorny arms around the rocks.  To pick them I recall standing precariously in between two rocks and stretching my arm out to pick a few berries.  Sometimes we found a lower growing patch and only had to bypass the thorns when reaching in with our hands.  

We also had wild blueberries on top of our biggest hill next to our house where we picked them to make blueberry pancakes.  Yum!!! Our house was in the middle of three different hills that were also sprinkled with wild strawberries!  I know we had so many wild fruit options!  It was a wonderful place to grow up.  I felt very adventurous most of the time.  Running though the dandilion fields I picked the ripe strawberries and raced back to the house with a brimming bowl of bright red to crush crackers over them…the oh so sweet berries with a waterfall of milk splashing down my throat.  A child’s version of strawberry shortcake. 

My mouth is now salivating for some Maine blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.  Yummy!  
Four sisters myself and my parents moved to Rossville Georgia this 12th year of mine and then after that year we move again… See my father worked in construction and had trouble making ends meet.  He realized that in the south builders build year round.  This is the reason we moved.  I took it rather hard in some ways. Other ways not so much…I wrote a poem on my windowsill saying to the fact that this would always be my home in Maine.  My best friend and I made some sort of Time capsule (I forget what was in the shoe box).  I think a mixed cassette tape we made.  Did you make one too?  It was very hard moving away from my friends at this age. My eyes watered up with tears as we drove away. 

Once we left, I looked at moving with excitement.  Well, for the most part…and in many ways it was!  I made new friends at my new school and had a good eighth grade year in GA.  Moving Once again wasn’t too hard since we had quite a few members of our extended family already established there.