Hope and Trusting God

I wrote this 3 years ago and ran across this today in my notes on my iPhone.  What I wrote then encouraged me today.  Read and be encouraged ๐Ÿ˜‰

I felt like my life didn’t have direction or my skills were never good enough because I was going my way and expecting blessings. Frustration infused my life until I started to ask God for that direction and guidance. Help me, show me, direct my comings and goings every day! I stopped making my to do list and physically waited and listened. Once anyone does this in their life is so much more free and easy! Yes it’s so very easy to fall back in the trap of self and what must be done today or I feel like an utter failure… I’m crying to God Almighty that he will never let me forget!!! I would rather trust in Him than be a frenzied mess. Now I truly know what it means to ask and you will receive. God cares so much about everyone’s everyday! Will you take the time to ask him about it? And check back in with him to listen? 

I can’t be everything to every person who asks, then nothing is left. I can’t do what God calls others to do but God calls everyone to do something. What is your something for God? Maybe you don’t know because like me you didn’t take the time to say, “God lead me and I’m ready to listen and not only that I will obey”! Yeah it’s scary because then you need to do the request, but this is when you recall the scriptures and say I’m stepping out in faith God, you asked me to this. I am scared and feel inadequate, but I trust you.  

And yeah sometimes I don’t listen and then hopefully I am watching close enough to see what God is teaching me though life’s everyday moments.

Incongneto Christian….too scared to be myself the self who God created. But I am His! I neglected my relationship with Him, but he didn’t let me go my way for long. I’ve learned that I don’t need to chase rabbit holes. They distract me from what God wants for my life and are a wasted effort that many times makes me physically feel drained.

My eyes were clouded over with worries.  

I quit trying to force Gods hand or will and now I am free!!


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