My Walk About

So glad you stopped by for a sip of my photo soup!  Welcome 🙂

This bowl of soup is always pondering a healthy soup mix of photos, quick thoughts about the flow of creativity, and other musings heated up to the perfect warm temp for your sipping pleasure.

Join me on my journey to learn more about photography, art, and the nature of blogging.  The pic is me at home and was taken by my 6 year old little boy!  Yes, he for sure inherited my artistic gene 🙂

This blog is a BIG part of my spiritual journey and I’m attempting to stir in a bit of eternal peace and joy!  I love expressing my creative sparkle in a snapshot with a short story, quick thought, or poem.

Photographic close ups of nature are my BFF’s!!!!  Macro lens anyone?

My writing starts in my journal during quiet moments after a terrific yoga session, a sip of tea, or after capturing photos on my walk 🙂

Poem from the cover of my journal:

This is my journey, but I’m not alone.  Courage is my companion.  Peace is my guide.  God is my refuge.  Friends are my fortress.  It is along the road to where I’m going that I discover who I am….and what I find to be.  So true.

Thanks for clicking by and wishing you the best in life.  Sharing a snapshot of my daily walk with you is so much fun for me.  Enjoy your sip from my bowl of photography soup!

Please respect my soup or the soup nazi will say, “No soup for you”.


5 thoughts on “My Walk About

  1. In the Healing Garden, we say it is our journey as a seeker gives that us the tools to make seeking a way of life. Where we go, and whatever we do, our manner of seeking is an expression of our journey as a Truth Sojourner. This expression is ours and like no other. And at the same time it is the expression of reaching for the Light shared with every seeker. Thank you for sharing snaps and thoughts from along your path. – The Healing Garden gardener

  2. Really like your blog, nice to see that somebody else is doing the same thing that I am. Love reading blogs on positive thinking just as much as writing them. You are obviously further ahead with your blog than I currently am. If you could email me back it would be great as I would love some tips on how to get more readers and comments as you seem to have quite a few

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