Wow! A year has past since I started this blog. It’s a BIG challenge to keep this going, but much enjoyable too.

This category is a fav of mine since my littlest inspired me to start it 🙂

This leaf gift was proclaimed to be the tiniest leaf ever! My son is now 7!!! I’m glad this year he still enjoys picking out leaves for his Mama 🙂

He asked I add this one to my collection so here it is!



Surprisingly leaves do certainly fall in spring and summer times too. Usually I don’t even notice all the yellow, brown, and green leaves that descend upon our lawn.

True, not as many leaves are falling now, when compared to fall, but just as enjoyable! I’m liking the bright yellow ones 🙂  See my son’s other leaf gifts to me here.

See any leaves falling in your neighborhood? What colors?

Today my little boy has been learning the hard way ALL day long…

In the midst between the temper tantrums he came outside and sat next to me all smiles and giggling at the birds that were singing beautiful songs to us!

Next he surprised me with this piece of bark and said, “Here is a little “l” that stands for love. Now you can look at it and think of love”.

Adorable!!! I choose to recall his sweet way that he decided to show his love to me today vs the screaming tantrums. In this same moment he told me what he thought the bird was doing – looking for his mother even though he was already a grown up.

What made you smile or laugh today?

*Sweet moment today and I’m so glad I captured the moment with words and a picture!

In Memory of my Leaf Gifts

Reminiscing and missing my leaf gifts 😦

What I’m missing is how we bonded over what the leaf looked like, it’s color, and his 6 yr old funny, cute descriptions. This past fall it was Always a joy to hear him running with delight, leaf in hand, with plenty of hugs and kisses too.

Now I’m looking for new ways to bond with him in the evening

Do you have a winter season bonding suggestions?  I’m all ears if you do 😉

Tonight we bonded over story books 🙂 Cold out so why not cuddle, right? We read often so not something new, but always a nice way to start a fun conversation with him!

Lately, he is into science books! Yeah!!! Tonight the thorny devil animal from the desert caught my interest. How cool! I just learned these little guys spit blood if threatened enough.

His 6 yr old interest peaked when I read the hydration factoid about how they catch dew drops on their body, the dew slides from anywhere on it’s body into his mouth. He said, “The tail is like his slide”. Very cool spikes this little guy has all over his body.

I ended up pressing the leaves and making a painting. He liked that I put them to use. Pictured my painting with a new fisheye ap I just downloaded.



Painted leaf

Love the red splotches over the yellow or is it yellow over red?

Love the red splotches over the yellow or is it yellow over red?

This leaf reminds me of paint.  It’s almost like someone dripped red paint on this yellow leaf.  The coloring is so much more vibrant and it would be hard to match this color with paint.

My son handed me this leaf when his cold had turned into a fever 😦  He held up this leaf with a simple, “Here”.  I knew right away since his cheeks matched the rosy shade on the leaf.  Setting the leaf aside.  I started hunting for the thermometer.

The next day I was happy to see the leaf was still full of color and took the pic!  It’s so important to focus on the happy moments with your kids.  This will get you through the not so fun temper tantrums 😉