Day 1: unlock my mind

Unlock my MIND?!? Now that’s a tough request…

So many, many times my mind is divided, undecided or just TMI. Do this or do that – what’s more important? Give a lot or little? Run here or there? My list to do for the day is running amuck in my mind round, round it goes dizzying me like I’m on a merry go round. This list to do sometimes races faster and faster until I’m left feeling overwhelmed and anxious…

This list ALWAYS grows! Mrs. overachiever that I am.  Although, I do cherish my solitude and relaxation and do my best to make tine for that too.  My things to do always beckon me back – Lisa. Lisa, Lisa pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!  You must do this and now don’t forget to do that. The longer I wait the louder and angrier they become.  Growling and snarling now you know Lisa the entire world will fall off it’s axis if THIS isn’t accomplished right now!  My insides feel the heavy weight of guilt sinking low within…for all the to do’s that will have to learn patience. On a tough day I feel like my efforts are not “enough”.

Enough is ENOUGH!!! Do what you can do, push some but, not too much. All will be well. All is well, Lisa.

* Joining many other bloggers this April for this Blogging University writing challenge!


Day 23:  My Round Up

Blogging Task:  create a roundup post – A collection of things or blogs you love.  Where is my lasso? Here I go…

round·up – a systematic gathering together of people or things; a summary of facts or event; Informal recap

I found this great link for a superb blogging roundup.

So, I found this awesome book at a thrift store, Photojojo! Insanely great photo project ideas and DIY.  After purusing the entire book I decided to start with the DIY altoids tin box idea.  For more photo project ideas, iphone assecories, or awesome inspiration!  Check out photojojo’s store and blog😁

DIY tiny photo album:  

After much thought about what pics to use for this project… I printed my puppy pics!  Hopefully, to show how he grew this year.  At the end of April he will be twelve-months.  This is a fun way to celebrate his 1st year with us!

  1. Select photos, print, and cut into 2″ x 3″ in size (wallet).  I’m sure I did this the hard way since I printed 4″ x 6″ photos and then cut them down… Easier would be to print 2″ x 3″ 😳 I had trouble figuring out how to print this small locally (Walgreens and CVS..).
Puppy pics

2.  Get them in your desired order, then your ready to make the accordion style background.  Measure out a 10″ x 3 1/2″ rectangle onto any color or patterned paper desired, next divide into 2″ wide sections.

3.  Fold along the 2″ lines marked back and forth opposite ways to make a paper accordion.  Glue photos 5 on each side.  I had extra pics so I glued one on the inside cover too!

Folded up in the tin! Nice compact album.

2nd idea from Photojojo:

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Day 22: Participate in a blogging event

Challenge:  Find a blogging event and throw your hat into the ring. 

Well of course I’m doing a photo challenge 🙂 Such fun!!!

WordPress has a good one – Cover Art – I absolutely love to read and listen to music. Cover art is very important!  It catches our interest, makes the book say read me, read me or yawn, how boring.  Of course we all have different tastes, give off varying vibes….Check out my goodreads to see what my nose is absorbed in lately.

I think nearly every person at least contemplates writing some sort of memoir.  When I write mine the title could be – Just Breathe, Breathe Deeply, or Sing in the Dark. 

Hey don’t judge this is what’s jumping about in my brain today who knows what tomorrow brings.  Maybe I will stick with my soup theme and call it – hmmmm….all I can think of sounds cheesy and mushy…soup for the soul is SO overdone…

If you happen to love one of my titles, please, please comment!

pink flowers

So yeah, when I went to find my cover art photo I changed my pretend title 😉 Whatcha think?

Day 21: Build on an older post, and let the world know

Blogging Challenge:  What inspired my Day 19 posts (here and here), and publicize to my social networks.  

For this post I went with the suggestion to JUST WRITE! Whatever popped up into my head after reading this blog challenge and I went with it!!!

Day 19’s task was more than just trying a new post format (I embedded a video from utube), it was personal.    I shared one of my favorite ways that help me to de-stress every day 😉 Staying mindful throughout the day is a challenge!

Taking time out for myself is vitally important for my health.  Yes, somedays I slack off in the me department since I’m human and all…

De-stress flower

My Relaxation Moments

  1. 15, 30, or 60 minutes of yoga
  2. 15-30 minutes of meditation
  3. 10 minute walk in the yard with my new puppy 🙂
  4. walks around the neighborhood or at a park
  5. Art doodling – to share pics of this soon
  6. stretching from head to toe Really BIG
  7. doing housework slower and eating slower
  8. watching my breath for a few minutes (inhale 1-2-3-4, exhale 1-2-3-4)
  9. taking photos (of course my favorite)
  10. read a joke, laugh, or just smile

Honestly, many days I forget to integrate these tips throughout my day…I might stretch or do some yoga and then BAM, my day is over and done with.  Like everyone these days life can be hectic and busy, busy, busy…my new puppy, Cal, is my newest distraction.  This post is to remind myself  that I can integrate these mindful practices throughout my days!


Day 20: Add a New Page

I have been wanting to add a contact form, as well as, have purchasing options available for my photography.  So excited to have made my 1st step to sell some of my photos!

After reading up on this challenge and all the wonderful new page suggestions…decided to just JUMP and add a contact form, as well as, show case a few of my favorite photos.  Since this 30 day challenge is from Janurary…yes, from so long ago….I’m reading these from my saved word document.  Adding a new page helps to understand the Page function.

The statice home page appealed to me 🙂 It’s a quick try at it; so check it out and feedback is very, very welcome!  My Photo Soup Home.

I love these Zero to Hero challenges because my ideas for my blog tend to continue beyond the lesson.  As a result from this challenge soon I will update my background photo!

What blogging challenge/lesson have you learned recently?

Attention Photo bloggers:  I would love to hear about sites and services you use that have worked well to sell your own photography.

Sending Loving Kindness,