Share something about my favorite childhood meal.

When I was a teeny tiny little girl – For a yummy snack.  I loved a good mayonnaise and cheese sandwich on white bread.  This was something I could fix for myself and enjoyed quite a bit!  Now not so much…seems kind of icky to me now.

My next favorite childhood meal was lunch with my best friend Janelle.  Being from a large family I truly enjoyed my excursions to visit my friends.  It was a treat to have a special hang out time and then lunch together.   

I distinctly recall eating this special lunch which consisted of tuna fish on bread and then sometimes we would be silly and put our Ruffle Potato-chip’s inside to make a crunchy sound.  

Before lunch we would hang out in her room to listen to music, ride bikes, or throw softballs back-and-forth.  I’m not sure who’s idea it was to make crunchy sandwiches, but I liked it and still do this occasionally.  

We would chitchat at lunch and of course…giggling like crazy all the time! She is still my best friend and I wish we lived close enough to continue this lunchtime tradition.



The wind sets the leaves to motion.  Fluttering to wave, to say hello, on this dreary day.  Leaves in motion produce shadows against the stark, white sky.


1st I tried to get these berries to float…Per plunk and they sank.

Next, found this textured, little tree seed.  She is afloat!

 Lastly, the berry makes a nice red accent. 😃  

Day 8: Death to Adverb

Go to a café or place and write about something I see that inspires me minus adverb usage.

I went to a used bookstore and yet another book by a fellow blogger caught my eye.  Regretsy the cover made me smile right away and the first few pages I laughed out loud (can we use these words in writing anymore?  Or is it forevermore-LOL).  I knew for $3.95 it was a keeper.  😀

I gather inspiration from others’ successes.  I’m also learning a thing or two from their process and experiences.  Getting absorbed by this book, I’m almost wanting to be featured by

Go ahead.  I give complete permission to laugh at my art or jewelry and then someone will think it’s quaint or odd enough to yeah, purchase it.  I’ve thought about opening an Etsy store, but I have not gotten past the nameing…I know I should just do it already!

I even own a savorski crystal bedazzler that I can’t seem to figure out what to do with.  Any suggestions?   Watch out regretsy!  I might be inspired to create some craptacular bedazzled art.  What do you bedazzle?  Handbags?

Since I’m talking about this book, I wanted to share a link to her blog.  I’m disappointed that I found out, she is no longer blogging and shut it down early 2013.  Info here and I did find a few pics with comments, here.  My favorite is the mason jar full of gum balls with a doll head covered in gumball “hair”.  😛

I’m glad I have the book to laugh at.  A nice reminder of what used to be online.  It’s kind of sad she didn’t just slow down a bit.  A blog should be fun.  A place to express your creative self.  Sounds like her hobby became a chore to be loathed…that is Kind of sad 😂

Day 7:  Give and Take

Fear and Courage tend to argue in my head all the time… It’s a never-ending battle where sometimes I meet them in the middle, give into those fears, or stand up in my Courage.  

Here is an argument between them: 

“I have had enough of you, Fear.  I give her the best messages.  What she needs to hear”, said Courage.  

“Oh….SHUT UP!  You are so snooty and get up on your high horse far too often!”, Fear said.  

“No need to insult me.  I know she likes it when I tell her – never give up“, said Courage.  “She wishes you would shut it and put a lid on all your cheerleader rah rah sayings… My messages are much easier.  She loves a, why try” , said Fear.

 Courage took a breath and responded, “In the end she will listen to me over you.”  “Don’t be so sure of yourself”, Fear said.  “Why do you assume that anyway?”  

“Because my positive voice is softly singing her a melodious chorus”, said Courage.  “She prefers the calm sureness that only I can bring to her.”

 “She yearns to hear a you can do it over you are so stupid or quit trying. You put her down”, exclaimed Courage.  “What are you her night in shining armor?  Go away!  She wants nothing to do with you.  All she knows is how to be stuck in me”, said Fear. 

“Call me what you want, but I won’t give up on her,” said Courage.  “She needs me and who wants to live life the easy way anyway?  Life is not worth it, if it’s all peaches and ice cream.”

Shut up”, said Fear.  “If that’s all you got…. I think she’ll have no problem tuning you out”, said Courage.